Bill Lynch’s response to this horrid NYT article:

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Aaron Hunt refuses a penalty. (x

Definitely watch the video

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"When I first met Hope Solo, I was on the under-21 national team, and I remember I was so intimidated by her. I was a freshman at Rutgers, and she was a little older. She’s a very matter-of-fact person and will tell you exactly what she thinks, and I was afraid I’d say something to make her mad." She is exactly the kind of person I like. She speaks her mind and you take it or you leave it.  (via us-wnt)

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"I don’t watch much tv," I say to everyone, because technically I don’t. I watch all 72 of my shows online. lol

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"All the things that men think women are not, I’ve found to be… bull." -Coach Geno Auriemma of the UConn Women’s Basketball Team 

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you forgot the best one:

So he came prepared lol.

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